My Story:


I’ve been seeking positive change all my life. Something I’ve found more elusive & difficult than I’d expect. Over the years, I’ve transformed myself many times over. But, more is still to be done.

There’s no end to growth. To learning. We can always do & better (which is my personal goal.) All while embracing our imperfections.

And… Regardless of what goes seen or unseen… Never losing hope.

The thing we want… The thing we yearn for… Can be ours if we persevere.

All that’s required is a little commitment + passion + dedication to shake us loose of old patterns & break us out of the paralyzation that comes with fear.

Everything in our lives starts & begins with ourselves.

For whatever we seek, the key is always…

Being accountable for ourselves!


About Christie:

(Written by a friend who wishes to stay anonymous)

Christie’s quiet demeanor holds a lioness inside. With a lifetime of experiences from around (at least part) of the globe… With a sole purpose of spreading words & actions to help others achieve personal excellence.

A friend to her feline counterparts – and a force to be reckoned with… a fighter & survivor who will elicit in you the self motivation to achieve your goals…