How often do you tell stories?

If it’s not your profession,
Most would say, “Not often.”

How often do you read, watch or listen to stories?

“More often” you might say.

What if I were to suggest
Everything is a story.

“How are you doing?”
A story of what has been going on in your day –
Or life recently.

“Did you finish the project?”
The answer, while concise, within it
Contains a story.

“What would you like to eat?”
The story of your preferences –
Determined by countless factors like
How you are feeling at the time,
When you last ate
And what food means to you.

We live in stories.

The bigger question then becomes…
Are these stories simply a matter of fact?

Our lives predetermined.
So that nothing we do affects the outcome?

Are we the ones creating & writing the story?

If we are…

What would happen if you simply decided to change it?

As much as we may believe it,
What we see & experience
Does not represent fact.

It represents our perspective –

A perspective which is tainted by
Our personal experiences & beliefs.

Changing your perspective
Leads to changing the interpretation
Of your past & present experiences,

Which then in turn,
Changes your beliefs.

Change your beliefs and you change what you experience & see,

Which leads to a change in the story.

(Or, so it should.)

So, what exactly would happen
If you took everything in your life
You are unhappy or unsatisfied with
And created a new, better story for it?

(If this thought is too extreme)

What if you simply stopped telling
The same, old story you continuous repeat?

What if you got off the subject?
Focused on something else?

And simply told good, happy stories.
Stories about things going well.
About the things you want.
About things being the way you want them to be.

What would happen?

This is the story I have to tell…

The answer –
Mine & yours

Is something you’ll have to wait and see

For things often turn out to be
Something we didn’t think or expect them to be.

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