I have a story to tell.

For weeks now I’ve been trying
To figure out how.

Whether I should just
Keep it to myself.

I appease myself with numbers & facts.

I haven’t written in months.
Blog traffic slows in the summer.

Due to both…
My readership is down.

If ever I was going to tell
A story I’m not sure
I want anyone to read –

Now would be the time.

The question then is…
Where to start?

Finding the beginning
Is a tricky thing.

When something starts
Is rarely when it began.

Tracing back roots
Can be a tedious –
If not an unnecessary
And/or impossible thing.

Everything seems to be
A continuation of an invisible strand.


Let me ask you this –

What is your breaking point?

The point at which
You’ve had enough.

You know something
Has got to change.

When we look back,
We usually attribute it
To something big.

But if we look close enough
We’d realize it rarely is.

It’s usually a culminate effect.

We’re pushed
(By ourselves or others)
So much or for so long

One day we wake up.
Something mundane happens –

And, we’ve had enough.

Things have gone too far.

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