The more I learn
About anything,

The more I realize
There is to learn.

Luckily for me,
Among the short list
Of things I truly enjoy,

Learning is one.

I read interesting research that found
Experience is not linked
To long-term performance.

That, in fact, the longer
Someone has been doing something,

The worse performance tends to get.

The only time
An experienced individual
Consistently outperforms a novice…

In the beginning.

A novice can learn quickly.

Someone with more experience
Often becomes complacent
And/or arrogent.

They think they know everything.
They stop learning.
They stop welcoming or accepting feedback.

They stop trying to improve

And, performance (in anything)
Deteriorates when they do.

There’s a saying…

If you want to learn something,
Teach it.

Teaching, however,
Has never appealed to me.

No matter how much
Experience or knowledge I have,

I always prefer
The role of student.

A role that reminds me
There is always more to learn.

That when it comes
To skills & knowledge

There is never an end point.

To embrace this
Requires humility.

A humbleness to see
Where we are deficit.

To acknowledge where
We need to (or can) improve.

No matter how good
We get at anything

It would serve us well
To remember

There is always room
To learn more –

And improve.

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