Today is a new day.

We’ve all heard it.
We’ve all thought it.

The question is…

Is it true?

The clock & calendar say it is.

How different will your today
Be from your yesterday?

How different has this week been
From last week?

In any moment,
We can start over.

In any moment,
We can change.

But we rarely do.

Everything we have, do & think
Is rooted in the past.

Our present reality simply
A compilation of past decisions & choices.

Our jobs
Our relationships
Our activities
The objects we surround ourselves with
The choices we make

All of them (at this moment)
Are rooted in the past.

We’re doing what we’ve been doing.

We’re doing what we decided to do
At some point in the past.

So, with a present so seeped in the past

How can today be new –
If we’re just repeating
The choices of the past?

How can any day
Truly present a fresh start
When we aren’t really starting over
We’re just continuing on
The path we’ve been going down
For quite some time?

Of course…

Any day can be new
If we do things outside of our norm.

But if we don’t,
We end up with a life filled
With the continuation of one day
Repeated indefinitely through time.

If that one day
You choose to repeat day after day
Is the best day of your life,

Maybe it’s worth it.

But, let’s say it’s not…

We’re squandering our time.
We’re wasting our life.

Life isn’t meant to be
A day (or week) on repeat.

Our days & time
Are supposed to make us feel alive.

Doing the same thing
Over & over again
Isn’t really living.

It’s a sign of an automated, disengaged life.


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