We live in a world
That goes non-stop.

It’s not just what we do.
It’s what we’re expected to do.



Busy has become a synonym for life.

But at what cost?

Time races by faster each year.

What we fail to ask…

Will all our perpetual motion
(Our non-stop doing)
Matter in the end?

Is that really the purpose of life?

Could we be using it to hide?

Could doing & busyness be
Nothing more than an excuse?

A distraction?
A drug?

One that everyone uses.

Can you stop?

Can you for a moment, an hour, a day…
Let it all go?

Or, does the thought make you anxious?
Your answer immediately…

No one can tell you
How to live your life.

That’s up to you.

But one day it will come to an end.

When it does,
Will you come to realize…

Doing isn’t the same
As a life well lived?

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