Questions direct our attention.

By doing so,
They also direct our lives.

They take us down a path
That until answered
We would otherwise remain blind.

What’s the purpose of life?

Is there one?

What is the purpose of your life?

Why do you work?
Why do you live?

Why do you do what you do?

Maybe you think
You don’t have one.

You do.

Our actions are always motivated
By something.

The question is…


Our motivation points to our purpose –
Either blatantly
Or hidden underneath.

If you don’t know it…
If you feel like you don’t have one…

Listen carefully.

We take time for granted –
Even as we wish or ask for more.

Life happens so seamlessly
We forget that any day
Could be our last.

And, even if it isn’t,
That the time will come.

It’s arrival perhaps sudden & fast.

And when it does…
When you stop & look back…

What have you dedicated your life to?

What matters more than anything else?

If I waste my time,
I waste my life.

Time is something we can
Never get back.

Are you spending it wisely?

Do you wish you can get it back?

Our answers are personal.
They speak to our truth.

Avoid the big questions –
And, we’re avoiding life & fully living too.

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