Imagine a set of Russian dolls
Nestled together.

Fitting perfectly within each other
So seamlessly only one container
Appears to exist.


Consider your life.
Your home.
Your car.
Your body.
Your mind…

Even consider your wallet or purse.

Imagine them as containers,
Which they are.

Within each,
What do you have tucked away?

What do you store?

Is it full?


Do you only keep things you really
Want, love and/or need?

Does it feel heavy?
Or, is it light?

Could you easily get rid
Of something inside –

Allowing you to sleep better at night?

Is there something you want or need?
Something you hope to find?

Everything matters.
Everything counts.

Every choice, decision, object, thought, relationship…
Takes up space
Pushing other things out.

What you keep containerized
Is up to you.

But realize…

It all adds up.
It all creates weight.

Start asking yourself,
Is this really something I want to keep?

If not…
Let it go.

Doing so will make you feel light
Allow for more joy & peace.

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