When was the last time
You did something nice for someone else?

By any chance,
Did you video yourself doing it?

This is at the heart
Of a question I woke with
On my mind.

Why is that now days
When people do “kind” deeds
They often end up with a video of it?

As if there’s some “good deed” satellite system
Tracking people who show acts of kindness.

We know that’s not the case.

And, since (at least in my experience)
When I’m out
People aren’t randomly videoing other people,

It only figures that
It was prearranged.

Why would someone do that?

For likes?
In hopes of going “viral”?
Simply to make themselves look good?

Whatever the case,
It causes one to question
Their true motives.

Because it likely wasn’t
Just to be “nice.”

This ties into to something else
That’s been on my mind lately –


No. I haven’t had any.
No. I don’t plan to
(Even though I am well past the age.)

I do, however, have an ever growing
Awareness of it.

Because it is everywhere.

I look out into the world
And all I see are facades.

Botoxed, filled faces.
False lashes.
Dyed hair.
Cosmetic & plastic surgeries of all kinds.

I wonder…

What do these people
Really look like?

Take away all the enhancements –
What lies underneath?

This is their real self.
The one people don’t want others to see.

Everything around us
Has become a facade.

A carefully crafted image
Of what someone wants someone else to see.

This is relevant to self management
In a couple of ways.


Creating & sustaining an image
Takes a lot of time & energy.

Underlying that time & energy exerted
Must rest a belief
That as he/she is…

He/she is not adequate.

A terrible message to send oneself.


That image is not our true self.

Therefore, any effort or actions taken
In line with it
Are out of line with the reality of ourselves.

Creating a temporary illusion
Is one thing.

Living your life in an illusion
Is another.

Take acts of kindness & botox
Out of the equation.

Choosing to present an image
Is something most people do
All the time.

Pretend to be happy.
Pretend to be fulfilled.

Pretend life is great,
When underneath lies
Stirrings of discontent, unhappiness or unrest.

To serve ourselves best
We need to stop
Trying to present the world
With our imagined ideal image of ourselves.

We need to instead
Show authenticity,

We need to learn
To be ourselves.

Because only by being that person
Can life really turn out well.


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