Lately, I’ve been wondering…

Does belief matter?

The answer I’ve come up with –
Yes and no.

Let’s start with “No.”

A belief is something
We take as a personal truth.

I believe
I believe in

A personal truth,
Is just that –

A truth we have chosen to believe
So completely that in our minds
It becomes fact.

A fact, however,
Is indisputable.

The existence of gravity –
Is a fact.

You can choose not
To believe in gravity.

It still exists.

From that standpoint,
Belief is irrelevant.

Because despite what you may believe,
The truth remains as it is.

Belief matters most
In terms of action.

Whether aware or not
We always act
In alignment with our beliefs.

If I believe I can’t…
I won’t be able to –

If, for no other reason,
Than I won’t even try.

Or, if I do

Since I believe failure is inevitable,
I do so halfheartedly,

Which leads to poor results.

Failure will come.

Not because it’s predetermined.
Because through my own actions (or inactions)
I made it so.

Beliefs have power –
Whether fact or not.

They constantly steer us.

The big question…

Are they steering us
In the right direction?

Or not?

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