What is a good decision?
What is a right decision?

In most cases,
Can you tell?

As with most things
Involving ourselves & our egos,

We want to say, “Yes.”

Harming another. Bad.
Eating unhealthy food. Bad.
Being late to work. Bad.

Here’s the thing.

We don’t want to be bad.
Or, think of our actions that way.

So, we find unconscious ways
To explain, defend & justify our actions.

Which choices do you think
We rationalize the most often?

And, find the best reasons to choose?

The ones we habitually choose.

For most of us,
We live in an undercurrent of the past.

We are simply doing
A version of the same thing
We’ve been doing for a long time.


Because it’s a habit.

Because it’s the path of least resistance.

We don’t like resistance.

We handle it better in others,
Than we do in ourselves.

The brain translates internal resistance as bad.


Just as the brain translates
Change into death.

Some of you might be thinking…

I eat at different restaurants.
I travel to different cities & countries.

I embrace change.

The real test…


Eat at the same restaurant for a month.
Stay in the same city for 6 months to a year.

At just the idea,
More than likely you’d bulk.

You’d resist.

You wouldn’t like the thought or idea.

That’s because whatever we are doing
Is our path of least resistance.

The path we’ve been going down
For so long
We could navigate it with eyes closed –

In fact,
We do.

You may be wondering…

What’s wrong with that?

A few things.


Our current habits are formed
By our past actions

Which means
We are living from
And repeating the past.


This also means
We’re never really experiencing anything new.

We’ve just overlayed the past
Onto the present.

In essence,
We’re living in a time loop.


Within the comfort zone of our habits,
There is no growth.

We stagnate.

Stagnate long enough,
Things slowly degrade.

It’s a neurological fact –

The brain does not like to think.
Nor does it like change.

Now you may say,
“I am my brain.”

To that,
I have nothing to say.

But let’s say you acknowledge
You are more than just your brain.

Then understand that
Following the path of least resistance

Is equivalent to running the same play
Over & over each minute of every game.

It’s tiresome.
It’s inefficient.

It’ll never lead to optimal results.

Only when you start experiencing resistance,

Embracing it
Pushing though it

Will (and can) your best life show up.

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