How often do you stop?

Stop doing?
Stop moving?
Stop planning?

How often do you stop
And simply allow yourself to be?

As each year passes,
I find myself acting
More contrarian in nature.

I’ve never considered myself rebellious.

I don’t think I am.

Now, I find that the more people
Who (do whatever it is/think whatever it is/buy whatever it is)
The less likely I am to do the same.

Primarily because…

I’ve gotten to the point where
The external world feels like
An exhausting, never-ending, futile game.

Do this.
Buy this.
Go here.


Because your peers do.
Because you’re supposed to.

Because to be in the “in” crowd,
You’re required to.

Because to appear a certain way,
You are must do…

We’re adults who act like
We’re still in high school.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong
With following the crowd.

It will, in fact, be
What most people alway do.

The problem that arises from it
Stems from mindless action…

Mindless following.

From not stopping to ask ourselves,

Why should I…?
Why do I…?

And, more importantly…

Do I really want to?

Or, am I just repeating the actions
I know I’m supposed to take?

We live in an unconscious, unaware world.

People like it that way.

Because if they didn’t,
Things would change.

But happiness, fulfillment & engagement,
Never come from an unaware place.


If this is what you’re after,
(Not just fitting in)

Then, it’d serve you well
To start questioning the things you do
Moment to moment –
And, day to day.


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