How are you doing?


Please tell me really

How are you doing?

We’re accustomed to being asked this question.

We’re also aware that
It’s a polite societal interaction.

Most people really don’t care.

It’s for this reason
(And also often to keep up appearances)
That we give pat responses
Without much thought.

I’m fine.
I’m doing great!

I don’t need to tell you…

We live in a tuned out world.

Perhaps it’s simply we’re tuned in –
Just to the wrong thing.

We live in a world of appearances.
A world focused on doing.

We’re taught & expected to do
A host of societally approved things.

What we’re not taught?

How to tune into ourselves.

Balance is an example
Of something we’re taught to seek.

Yet, somehow (as with the case with many things)
Things become warped.

We seek balance
Where we shouldn’t.

We don’t seek balance,
Where we should.

Our tendencies tend to run to extremes.

People either choose to focus on the positive.
Or, focus on the negative.

All self help & improvement teaches
Focus on the positive
As a means to be happy –
And achieve better results.

When in truth,
Focus on either extreme
Blinds us to reality.

My real question…
The one I didn’t ask above…

Do you know how you’re doing?

Are you tuned into yourself?

Not just the self talk.
Not the image you try to convene.

Underneath appearances,
Underneath your spin on things,
Underneath the reality you choose to see

Strip everything away.

What I want to know…
What you need to know…

What lies underneath?

Therein, lies the truth
You need to claim.

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