How open are you to the idea that
Something you’re doing
Is not working for you?


Perhaps it is working –
Just not in your best interest.

Our lives are built like legos.

One block at a time.

We pick a block.
Put it down.
Add something to it.

Before we know it,
We have the creation
We call our “life“.

Unlike legos,
Once built we rarely take blocks down.
We might continue to add.

But the underlying structure remains the same.

Let’s now move to a topic
Which at first might seem far away…

Stockbrokers and traders.

You have money invested –
In something.

You (or they) invest
Because at the time
It seems like the right (or best) thing.

But let’s say the stock starts to plummet.
The company’s going under.
The fund’s falling out.

Would you continue to keep your money in it?

Or, quickly move it out?

Even someone with more money
Than they could spend in lifetimes
Would be unlikely allow money
To fall into a black hole.

So, tell me…

Why is it that we don’t watch our lives
The same way we watch our investments?

To make sure they are on track?

And, when/if not

Why aren’t we willing to cut our loses
And immediately get out?

It’s impossible that
Everything we’re doing is serving us.

Primarily because most of what we do
Is based on the past.

Things change.
Situations change.
People change.

New information comes in
Affecting the validity of decisions
Made in the past.

Only by continually questioning,
Evaluating & re-evaluating
With an honesty we often lack

Can we decide
(Or even see)

Where we are off track.

Of course…

Knowing something isn’t working
Is only the first step.

Then, we have to have the courage
To make a different decision.

The courage & willingness
To tear our carefully constructed
Lego life down.

Destructions feels devastating.

They bring chaos & uncertainty –
Two things we like to avoid.

But only in those spaces,
Does real living take hold.

Life doesn’t work in favor
Of the passive.

It works in favor
Of the bold.


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