How much control do you think
You have over yourself?

Before you answer,
“I have complete control over myself.”

Stop to consider that
Research & science estimate
95% of what we do
We do unconsciously.

Meaning only 5%
Of our actions & reactions
Are consciously chosen.

In a 24 hour day,
That would equate to 72 minutes.

72 minutes a day
That we are making conscious choices.

72 minutes during which
We are choosing our actions.

Delving deeper,
We find that
Even consciously made decisions
Are made through unconscious thought processes.

So that…
How we come to any decisions
Involves imprints & influences
Of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, past experiences+.

So again, I ask…

How much control do you believe
You have over yourself?

Now, for the record…

A lack of control does not
Suggest or condone
A lack of responsibility.

Regardless of how engrained
And unaware we are of our choices,

We are still responsible for them.

I do want to suggest
That many of us
Do not know ourselves
As well as we think we do.

We are guided to make decisions
By things we do not fully understand.

We cannot understand
Because we cannot understand something
We don’t even know exists,

Which is when & how
Awareness comes in.

Our brains are designed
To make meaning
Out of sensory input.

It does that through stories.

These stories are our “why’s.”

Why we can’t:
– Change jobs
– Let something go
– Leave a bad relationship
– Lose weight

Why don’t you…?

Why do you make the decisions you do?

For this…
Again, the brain has stories.

Regardless of what we think,
Our stories are not truth.

They are used
To create shortcuts
For the brain.

Thereby keeping us
In this unconscious
Decision making loop.

Maybe you’re happy with this.
Maybe you don’t really care.

That’s up to you.

But if you want to start
Living more fully.

If you want to start
Being more engaged…

You must become aware.

To do that,
Start by asking yourself –

Why do I do this?
What’s driving my decisions?
What other choices are there?

How might my thoughts
(Therefore my decisions) be flawed?

Sometimes the only way to truly
Determine how well or poorly
A choice is serving us
Is to try something new.

See how it feels.
Remembering it’ll feel uncomfortable at first.

Watch for the results.

When all else fails,

Try a different action or response
Until you find one
That clearly works.

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