Each of us has our own set of unique personal rules
That affect the decisions we make in each area of our lives.

Some of these rules are blanket.

An example of mine…
Be on time.

I am on time (actually early)
To everything.

This rule is so deeply woven in my nature.
You could use it to define me.

I am someone who is on time or early.

Another one…

Be kind & polite to everyone.

I give it no thought.
I simply am kind & polite.

No doubt many of your personal rules
Differ greatly from some mine.

What doesn’t differ…

Most of them we created long ago.

And in doing so,
We gave them little to no conscious thought.

This is why I mention them now.

To get a hold of ourselves…
Most definitely to improve any aspect of our life,

We need to:
1. Become aware of the personal rules we currently have
2. Evaluate their effectiveness
3. Discard the ones that aren’t working. (Keep the ones that are.)
4. Create new rules to get better, more optimal results.

We need to start asking ourselves,

Why am I….?
Why do I…?

The answer will come down to some behavior or habit,
That began as a rule we set for ourselves.

I am not going to…
I am going to…
I won’t ever…

We created the rule.
We embodied that rule.
We became it.

It becomes so seamlessly interwoven
Into our being
That we forget it once wasn’t there

Causing us to lose sight of the power
We hold over ourselves.

Sometimes in the worst of cases,
Causing us to become victims of ourselves.

For areas in our life that are going well,
We have rules.

Those rules usually work well.

For areas in our lives that need improving,
We have rules too.

Those usually need some help.

Your life changes
Because the outcome changes
When you implement new rules.

So in search of better results..
In search of better effects…

Start looking at the personal rules
You created for yourself.

Dig deep.
Look carefully.

You will find them there.

And, when you do
Your responsibility will be
To either consciously discard them –

Or keep them there.


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