In the pursuit of anything
There is one fundamental question
We need to ask…

What am I willing to do?

What are you willing to do
To achieve the thing you want?

Before you’re tempted to say,

Take a pause.

Reflect on what that would mean.

Are you really willing to…?

Would you give up something you enjoy forever?
Sacrifice something else important to you?
Endure endless amounts of discomfort?

What exactly would you be willing to do?

Getting something we want
Means doing something
We haven’t done before.

Because if we had done it,
We would already have the thing we wanted.

Take this line of thinking further
And you realize…

If you were willing to do it before now,
You would have.

So, what makes now different?

Are you truly prepared to do the thing you must?

If not,
That’s fine.

It’s best to step away.
Put the goal or desire on the back burner.
Maybe some other day.

If you are prepared,
Then it’s time to start.

Just remember willingness is a prerequisite.

If you don’t have it,
You won’t get very far.

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