A trauma in my childhood
Caused me to lose most of my long term memory.

So, I cannot tell you whether
This is, in fact, the truth

But, I don’t think I’ve ever
Played Truth or Dare.

I’m certain I was around people playing.
But fairly certain I would have never played myself.

Because it wouldn’t be
Much of a game for me.

I would always choose truth.

So, what’s the point?

In actuality, since truth
Is in fact a form of dare
It’s really Dare Or Dare.

And, that sounds even more
Unappealing to me.

Age brings with it
Many lessons.


Hiding, denying or rejecting our truth
Drains our energy –

And, can easily end up
Destroying our lives.

When was the last time
You spoke your truth?

Not the truth other people want or expect to hear.
Not the truth you want to believe.

The one hidden underneath layers
Of beliefs, expectations, experiences and more.

The part of yourself
You do your best to ignore.

An even better question would be…

Do you even know your truth?

Or, have you turned away from it
For so long
It’s now like looking for a pebble in the sand?

I have no doubt
You are capable of accountability to others.

It’s hard to survive if you can’t.

I don’t even doubt
You are pretty accountable for yourself.

What I’m unsure of
(As I am with myself)

Is if that you
(The you that you are being accountable to)
Is really, truly you?

Or, if it isn’t someone
You’ve learned to become.

Someone part of yourself.
And, part someone else.

To make good decisions,
For ourselves & everyone involved,

We must know our truth.

And, be open & honest
(At least to ourselves)
About what we want
And who we really are.

Until we can do this,
Our decisions will be sub par.

And, we’ll end up going further down a road
We don’t really want to take.

Until one day we realize…

Life is too short
For such colossal mistakes.

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