I’ve experienced a lot of pain in my life –

Pain is the one thing
I’d never wish on anyone.

However, I’m also aware
Pain can be transformative
If listened to AND used properly

Because pain is our primary motivator to change.

Pain indicates something is wrong.
Something within us needs attention & care.
Something isn’t working.

And, pain tells us where.

I spend large amounts of time
Contemplating human nature…

My desire to understand.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life,
Without pain most of us
Would seek comfort –

Not change.

(In fact, most of us already do.)

We have the ability to endure
Discomfort, unhappiness, discontent & strife
Sometimes indefinitely

As long as it doesn’t bring
Massive, soul crushing pain into our lives.

Only when pain hits a certain threshold…
When it becomes more than we can bear

Are we willing to leave our comfort zone,
Re-evaluate our habits & actions
In an attempt to move ourselves
To a less painful place.

Of course…

Pain is not a prerequisite for change.

But think about this…

How many people make change when they are happy?

People don’t start going to the gym
Because they are in good shape.

People don’t change jobs because
They are in a place they want to stay.

People don’t leave relationships
Because everything is going well.

The biggest problem with pain…

We label it as “bad.”

In doing so,

Instead of making the appropriate changes,
There’s a tendency to numb ourselves,
Distract ourselves,
Medicate ourselves (in various forms)

All to get the pain to quiet down.

This creates a cycle
Since it keeps us where we are.

We feel pain.

We try to alleviate the pain
In ineffective ways.

The pain soon returns.

The only way out of this cycle
Is to embrace pain.

To see it as a sign.

You need to do something.
You need to make some sort of change.

And the pain itself,
Provides enough of a reason why.


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