Let me ask you question.

Before you answer me,
Please think long & hard.

What are you putting up
That you know should stop?

The answer could involve
Boundaries, rules or changes
That need to be made with others.

It could involve solely yourself.

Perhaps habits of thought, action or belief
That no longer serve you well.

Most of the people I know
Are pretty pulled together.

My guess is…
You are too.

But there is always some aspect
Of our lives or ourselves
That needs addressing –

If for any reason,
Than to improve the results.

The question then becomes…

What is that thing for you?

What are you tolerating
All the while knowing
You should not?

What are you unhappy enough with
That you know it needs to stop?

Where could the biggest improvement be made?

What do you need to stop putting off –

And, address once & for all today.

Regardless of your answers,
Take stock.
Tune in.


Your life (and your results) always speak.

It tells you what’s working.
It tells you what’s not.

You need only look & acknowledge –

Hopefully before things get bad enough
They start to fall apart.

Decide today
To put your foot down.

Make a firm resolution,

It’s going to stop.”

The decision itself won’t
Magically change anything.

It is, however,
The first step.

And, until you take it…

Your situation will stagnate.
Your results will be subpar.

Instead of moving forward…
Instead of making progress…

You’ll find yourself stuck where you are.

Things not getting better.
Things perhaps getting worse.

And, living with the growing burden
Of the weight of the thing you should do.

All because your too
Stuck in your ways,

(Choose the word that bests suits you.)

To do what you know
You need to do.

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