When you close your eyes
And envision your future,

What do you see?

Do you envision some goal reached?

A life different from the one your have now?

Do you picture more of the same?

Something disconcerting happened to me.

I can’t tell you when exactly it happened,

But whenever I try to envision my future,
My mind goes empty.

I can’t.

It’s like I hit a wall.

Leaving me wondering…

What does that mean?

If I tended to fatalism,
I’d assume I have no future.

Instead, I see it as a sign
I have no idea what life will bring.

We’re taught to believe
That we only move forward
And accomplish things
By keeping a firm vision
In the forefront of our minds.

It’s true
Vision gives us purpose.
Vision can help keep us on track.

What’s also true…

Vision can blind us
To a better, more appropriate, happier path.

Countless people have worked long & hard
With a vision in their mind,

Only to achieve it
And realize…

They aren’t happy with their life.

Vision creates focus.
Focus determines what we perceive.

By focusing,
We cut out innumerable other
Possibilities and opportunities.

We look for the straightest route.

So, enamored & obsessed with our vision
We put our heads down
Ploughing forward as fast as we can.

Do you know what’s best for you?
Do you know what would make you feel most complete?

Our ego tells us,

Life, however, proves that
When it comes to our own happiness & fulfillment
We too often take the wrong path.

We follow it for so long
That it seems impossible to go back.

Like so many things,
Balance is best.

Have something that moves your forward
While keeping an open mind.

Our lives are always giving us feedback.
Feedback we too often choose to ignore.

Whatever road you take,
Look & listen for the signs
That it’s time to move on –

And, close the door.


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