Are you into arts & crafts projects?

I’m not.
I’m guessing you’re not either.

I’m creative in a different way.

The idea of making my own birthday cards…

Well, let’s just say…

I’d rather pay.

I’d rather spend $20, $50… $100 on a card
Then even entertain the idea of making it myself.

I hope your patience is strong.

Because we’re going to take a leap back in the story
To get to my ultimate point.

I write a self care blog.

On it, this year I’m focusing on a “Consciousness Cleanse” –
Part of which entails eliminating negative, upsetting & unnecessary
Input from my life.

In the morning,
I turn on the tv.

I have yet to figure out a safe channel to watch.
So, this morning I was watching the Home Shopping Club.

You might be starting to piece it together.

Today was a “Crafting” day.

So, as I sat eating my yogurt with açaí powder & organic blackberries
I watched crafts being made.

I have never (ever) had a desire to make craft projects.

I’d love to be that person.

The woman who whips together handmade invitations,
Fancy cards for all occasions,
A scrapbook of the trip to Belize.

I’m not.

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself
Wanting to buy crafting supplies.

I didn’t.

But, I thought about it,
Which I shouldn’t have
Because I know myself.

They would have ended up either
Donated or sitting unopened on a shelf.

This is the first time I’ve consciously realized
The dramatic impact of the things that I watch.

Of course, I’ve had similar experiences before.

I watch a pizza commercial.
I want pizza.

I see a piece of cake at the grocery store.
I want cake.

But I’ve never (until today) experienced
Wanting something I know I don’t really want
Just because I saw an advertisement for it.

The scary thing is…

Most of these urges run under the surface.
We’re not consciously aware.

We never piece together
The effect our visual, auditory & olfactory input
Is having on what goes on in our head.

Today I invite you to give it some thought.

How are your cravings, desires & actions
Determined by your environment?

What effect is your environment having on you?

To get control of ourselves,
We need to become self aware.

Figure out what’s prompting
(Particularly your unwanted actions)

And, you’ll be almost there.


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