The first of every year feels like a magical time.
As if sometime in the wee hours of the morning,
Fairy dust has been sprinkled over our lives.

So, that we wake hopeful, optimistic
Full of plans for the next 365 days.

A new calendar year gives us a sense
Of new possibilities.

More than any other time,
We become aware that
Anything is possible.

We don’t know what is to come.

We are the creators of our lives.

In this sense of possibility,
We make plans.

We set goals.

This year, I’m going to…

This year, I won’t…

Go to any gym.

Go to the produce or healthy living section
Of any grocery store.

You’ll find it awkwardly crowded
With people who spent little time there before.

Change, potential & possibilities exist at all time.

Why is it that societally we only acknowledge it once a year?

Maybe you’re one of the few people
Who has no New Year’s goals.

Maybe you’ve given up on them.

Maybe your life is so great,
You don’t want any change.

But, let’s say you do.

What are they?
What is that this year you plan to do?

And, tell me…

Why haven’t you done it before?

What have you been waiting for?

Whatever your reasons,
Whatever your excuse,

I want to congratulate you
(As I congratulate myself too.)

This is your first step.

A decision.
A choice to change.

How the days go that follow
Will depend on how firmly
You’ve resolved to change.

We’re about to begin a journey.

One that will be filled with twists & turns.
Obstacles will arise.
Setbacks will test our resolve & faith.

We will face resistance.
We will struggle to make our desired change.

In the process,
What will keep you going?

What will you hold to tightly
To help you persevere?

If you don’t know this answer,
I’m concerned your journey will end
Shortly after the beginning of the year.

If you do know the answer,
You are ready to precede.

Do so with caution & care.

You have a long way to go.

It’s a marathon.
Not a sprint.

Today signifies simply the beginning.

You must keep your strength
To get to the end.

But for now,
Be grateful.

Bask in the joy
That anything is possible

And you can now
(Or at any time)
Write a new story.

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