What do you do in your spare time?

I read.

On subjects like:
– Psychology,
– Self-help
– Business
– Economics
– Science
– Health

What’s relevant right now –

Game theory.

A month ago a friend gave me idea.
I was listening to him talk about a video game he plays.

I am not a game player.
Video or other.

To simplify his overview of the game, he said,

You get rewarded for good decisions.
Punished for bad.

This stuck in my head.

Having already read everything I can find
About the applications of game theory to real life,

It gave me an idea.
Simplistic in nature.

Something that could create a possible positive effect.

What if I started playing a game with myself?

I’d call it –

Good Decisions & Bad

Not knowing where I’d go with it,
I thoughtfully prepared.

It was Christmas time.
So I bought a bag of red & green M&M’s.

I got two containers.
One for each.

Then, I put them aside
And forgot about them.

This morning as I was lying in bed,
I remembered.

I also thought…
Now is the time

To experiment with making a game out of my life.

At the beginning of next week*,
I plan to begin.

*Only because it’s easier to track.

Then, I’ll post about my progress.

And, more importantly the results.

The questions I hope to answer:

Could improving our lives be as simple as playing a game with ourselves?

Could we:
Create new habits,
Make more positive choices
And, therefore, speed up progress –

Simply by turning parts (if not all) of our lives into a game?

I have no idea.

The only way to find out…

Is to play

And watch to see
If it leads to a change.

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