How do you know what will work?

One of the hardest things to do,
Especially for long standing complex problems is

Figuring out how to fix it.

The simpler a problem is,
The easier it is to fix.

Simple problems generally come with
Simple solutions.

As a problem grows,
The ease at which it can be fixed
Diminishes greatly

As the time it takes to solve it
Increases in turn.

I ate too much over the holidays.
I gained 5 pounds.
Losing 5 pounds feels manageable.

I’ve eaten too much for years.
I need to lose 75 pounds.
Losing 75 pounds feels difficult.

I use this example
Because the process of weight loss
In both examples remains the same.

But the second example
Feels significantly harder than the first.

Here’s the question…

Why do we wait?

Most certainly in some areas,
Like business & our careers,
Issues habitually get addressed
Before they grow too big.

It’s built into the function of each.

It’s often in the more personal areas
Where we let things gradually slip.

Maybe we’re too tired.
Too busy to address them promptly or properly.

Maybe we’re lazy.
We don’t want to.

We’re in denial.
Delusional in hoping it resolves on it’s own.

In each case,
The problem only grows.

This is the crux of self management –

Being on top of things.
On top of ourselves.

So we don’t allow situations to degrade,
Allowing unnecessary, unneeded problems to grow.

When that to happens
We create a huge internal & external weight

As what once seemed inconvenient
Becomes a huge potential chore –
And energy drain.

We could have once
Dealt with it quickly.

We can no more.

And, the longer we delay addressing it,
The more a potential solution blurs.

At this point,
We often have to go back in time.

To when the problem was smaller
And a solution in clear sight.

This solution won’t now fix it.
But it can give us clues.

And, hopefully we’ll learn our lesson –

And stop delaying the things
We know we need to or should do

Because we’ll be functioning subpar
Until we finally do.

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