This moment
Is a moment
Full of possibilities.

It represents one of countless
Choice points.

Before we make a choice
And choose a course of action,

Any number of things is possible.

The moment we make a choice
All those possibilities condense
To one point,
One possibility –

The action we chose.

And, so it goes.

Each second ripe with potential.

Each moment a point of potential change.

But due to our habitual nature
Instead of embracing new possibilities,

We repeatedly choose the same.

Change requires change.

We can’t change
And remain the same.

But, let’s just say
You are happy with yourself & your life.

You don’t want to change.

How is this relevant to you?

As happy or content
As you may now be
At some point
That will change.

We are creatures of habit.
We also grow bored easily.

No one wants
Every day of the rest of their lives
To be the same.

We need new adventures.
We need new experiences to thrive.

As pulled together
As you may be
No one wants a personal version
Of Groundhog’s Day
Playing in their life.

To make sure that doesn’t happen,
We have to open up
To possibilities yet explored.

We have to break our habits.

Make choices not made before.

Only then will we really understand
The vast opportunities all around.

If only we break
The chains that bind,

Opportunities, possibilities & potentials
Would flood into our life.

Maybe you’re not ready.
That’s okay.

But a time will come,
When no matter how happy or satisfied you are

You will seek some sort of change.

And, after you do
You will wonder
Why you ever allowed complacency to reign.

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