Imagine a quadrant
Divided by:

Good decisions that turn out well.
Bad decisions that turn out badly.
Bad decisions that turn out well.
Good decisions that turn out badly.

You make a good decision.
It works out well.
Good for you.

My guess…
You won’t be all that surprised by the result.

You make a bad decision.
It doesn’t work out well.
Again, you’re not all that surprised.
What did you expect?

You make another bad decision.
This one turns out well.
It’s a pleasant surprise.
But you know you were lucky.
Deep down, you know better than to tempt fate next time.


You make a good decision.
It doesn’t turn out well.

Now, you’re confused.

How did this happen?
Where did you go wrong?

Nothing guarantees the results we want.


This is simply an inconvenient fact of life,
Which boils down to probabilities.

Any time you make a good decision,
The positive possibilities are in your favor.

You’re more likely to get a better result.

While making a bad decision
Is more like Russian roulette.

You have a chance things will
Work out in your favor.

If they don’t…

Three of the four
Are quite clear cut.

The fourth often perplexes us.

So, this is the one
I want to address.

I make decisions all the time
That seem good in the moment.

That, in retrospect,
Were not wise.

Most of these boil down
To circumstances or situations
I could not have predicted.

An offshoot of that,

Others boil down to circumstances & situations
Changing in unexpected ways.

You commit to a year long gym membership
Only 3 months in
You hurt your back.

Even though you can’t work out
Therefore money is being wasted

The current situation
Was unexpected & unplanned.

The end result may leave you feeling like
The original decision was bad.

But under different circumstances,
Under the original circumstances…

The decision was still good.

This may seem like I’m splitting hairs.

I’m not.

I want to clarify something
That becomes too fuzzy too often.

In terms of decision making,

Good is good.
Bad is bad.

The result is irrelevant.

Let’s say you go out drinking.
You get drunk.
You decide to drive yourself home.
You get home safely.

You still made a bad decision.

Let’s say you decide to invest in a stock.
You’ve done your research.
The price is good.
The company is strong.
You (& perhaps others) expect the stock to go up.
Instead, it goes down.

You made a good decision.

Unfortunately, in this case,
It didn’t turn out well.

The decision was still good.

You made the best decision possible
With the information available at the time.

That’s all we can ever do.

That’s the best we can do.

Everything is unpredictable.

Nothing is guaranteed.

In life,
The best we can do
Is to do our best.

If we do that,
Then no matter what happens

No matter what causes lead
To what effects

We’ve done well.

We’ve done the best we can.

Maybe when faced with end results
That were undesired
This seems like a mute point.

It is not.

Because if we start blurring
Good decisions & bad
Our ability to decipher between the two
Can easily become permanently lost.





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