More importantly…

Should you?

By the time we’re well into adulthood,
Most of us have learned to excel
At decision making in some areas of our lives.

The most basic example:

If you make bad decisions at your job,
You won’t have the job for very long.

The higher up you go
In any field
The better decisions you are expected to make.

Unfortunately for us,
Mastering one area of life
Doesn’t translate to mastering other areas.

In fact,
The opposite is often true.

For as well as we’re doing
In any area of our life,

There’s usually an area (or areas)
Where we’re doing equally as bad.


How does that happen?

Many times…
Our of laziness.

We don’t have the time or energy.
We don’t really care.

Other times…
Out of arrogance.

We assume we know what we’re doing.

Of course, we do.

Even though,
Our results in that area
Clearly show we do not.

Areas of our lives
Are both independent –
And dependent.

Unlike what was once taught & believed,

There is now no clear delineation
Between any areas of our lives.

Your health affects your relationships.
Your relationships affect your work.
Your work affects your home life…

Everything affects everything else.

Which is why
It’s a short sighted view
To allow for weak or bad decision making
Of any sort.

Now we come to the true problem.
The one posed in the title.

Can you trust yourself?

If you can,
Then all decisions you make
Serve your greater good.

You won’t overeat.
You’ll choose not to

Because it doesn’t positively serve you.

You won’t procrastinate.
You’ll choose not to.

Because it depletes your energy
And erodes self esteem.

You’ll exercise regularly.
You’ll choose to.

Because it’s healthy for you.

You’ll let go of the past.
You’ll choose to.

Because it unnecessarily burdens you –
And, takes you out of the present
Which is the only time you truly do have.

To rectify this disparity…
To rebuild trust

We must first realize
The ways in which
We have broken our trust with ourselves.

We must find the ways
(At least for now)
We cannot trust ourselves.

We must work diligently
To make better decisions
In those areas.

Only by doing so,
Will trust be gained.

Because if we cannot trust ourselves
To have our best interests at heart –

Not what we want
Not what we’ve been doing
Not what is easiest
Not what we’re comfortable with
Not what we think is good for us

Our true, best interests


No real improvement
Can or ever will be made.





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