We all had one.

When we were little,
Young adults

Or, as we age.

A privileged few achieve them.

For the most part,
They fall away.

We give up on them.
Forget about them.
Move on to more practical affairs.

By the time we are well into adulthood
With bills, jobs, relationships, children…

Following or pursuing our dreams
Feels frivolous, too risky, unproductive –

Basically not worth the energy, money or time.

We grow content and/or habituated
To our situations, circumstances & life.

Without a strong desire or drive,
It’s easiest to settle
Where we are.

To settle on being content.

In doing so,
Suppressing any energy
That could be directed toward change.

What dream did you have?

Did you fulfill it?

Did you write it off?
Maybe pack it away?

Age brings wisdom.

Age can also stymie growth.

Maybe you won’t become a professional athlete.
Or, fly to outer space.

But a day will come
When you reflect back on your life.

And, you’ll wonder
If you could have
If only you’d really tried.

From the moment you do
You’ll live with it
For the rest of your life.

Knowing as good as things may be now
You could have lived
A better,
More fulfilling,
And engaging life.

With that realization,
You may one day die.


What happened to me?

Why didn’t I at least try?





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