Do you believe in angels?
Or, past lives?

Perhaps a little too far fetched for you…

What about aliens?

Do you believe aliens exist?

For each of the above,

I can’t say I do.
I also can’t say I don’t.

With no proof,
Only conjecture

What I choose to believe
Is completely my choice.

My choice, therefore, ends up coming down to
What I want to believe.

Although all beliefs are internal,
The ones mentioned above
Relate to external things.

In these cases,
It really doesn’t matter
What we believe.

There either is –
Or there is not.

Each exists.
Or, does not.

We’ll likely never know.

Our choice of belief
Doesn’t change or sway the results.

The same cannot be said
For beliefs that revolve around ourselves.

Things like…

“I can’t…”
“It’s impossible for me to…”

These things create our reality.

Having the belief itself
Sets in motion
A series of thoughts, actions, emotions & events
That perpetuate themselves.

We look for what we believe.

We only see what we believe.

In this way,
When we tell ourselves something
We create it in our lives.

Making these beliefs,
The most powerful
And the most dangerous ones
In our lives.

Beliefs are tricky.

We’re often not consciously aware.

Only by observing our behaviors, habits & actions
Can we tell what beliefs
Lies buried within.

If I don’t believe I can lose weight,
I won’t.

If I don’t believe I’ll succeed,
I’ll never try.

If left unexamined…

If left to my own devices…

I’d never know that
A belief was keeping a thought alive.

Let’s get honest.

People are busy.
People are distracted.

People don’t like taking
A good hard look at themselves.

There are other more pertinent
Things for us to do.

But awareness is what makes us human.

Awareness is our greatest gift.

If we don’t use it,
Then we’re like toy soldiers

Moved around haphazardly
By someone else’s hand.

What you believe isn’t important to me.

Beliefs are personal.
They are our own.

What is important is…

That each of us takes time to examine
The beliefs that keep us in their hold.





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