The output (and therefore)
Results in your life
All boil down to…

How well you are controlling yourself.

Societally, we focus only on lapses
In self control
When they are extreme.

As a byproduct,
We tend to do the same in our lives.

We assume lack of self control
Only presents a problem
When it is clearly
Out of control.

Drink 2-3 glasses of alcohol a night?
Not a problem.

That’s normal, isn’t it?

Drink 5-6 glasses or more,
You’re clearly out of control.

The question I want to present you
As I ponder it myself,

What if quantifiable data lies?

Hides the truth?

In this case,

Is irrelevant?

What if you’re out of control
And don’t see it

Or, acknowledge it
Simply because it doesn’t fit
Into a narrowly defined mold?

Maybe I have 50 lbs to lose.

But my weight problem is still
More under control than
Someone who needs to lose 100lbs or more.

It is not extreme.

People don’t throw themselves
Off of the cliff of self control
In one death defying swoop.

Every extreme issue –
Be it related to:


Began as a soft tumble.

There was a point
Where people felt in control

Of the very thing that
Now feels runs amok.

For this reason,

It serves us well
To pay closer attention to
Areas where we lack
The adequate degree of self control.

Maybe it’s something we don’t do.
Maybe it’s something we do.

In either case,
In every case…

There’s something,
Some area in our lives
Where we are letting
Important things slip.

Like so many other things,
The danger is the cumulative effect.

I ate half a pie yesterday.
(Ok. I didn’t. But, assume I did.)

Now, I’m statistically more likely
To do it again.

Our habits control our lives.

We are what we do.

The more we do something,
The deeper it becomes engrained
In our neural networks.

The longer it persists,
The more it starts to define us
In ways good or bad.

Choose to do something enough,
It stops being a choice.

It becomes a neurological imperative,

Which is usually the point
At least others
Can clearly see
Things are out of hand.

It all starts in one moment.

With one choice.

Repeated again & again.

The real question…

Will we stop ourselves
While we still can?





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