A + B = C



Go to school + get a job = be happy
Get married + have children = be happy
Save money + retire = be happy

Things we’re taught.
Things we’re expected to do.

If we want a specific outcome.

The dangers in such formulas?

They hold nuggets of truth.

Want to lose weight?
Maybe just stay in shape?

Exercise + watch what you eat

Who could argue with that?

No one with any credibility
Would tell you to do
The opposite of that.

And so it goes.

We’re presented with enough truth
To make each formula appear viable.

Enough so
We follow it
Usually without question or thought.

Never asking…

What if the formula is wrong?

Part of the fault
Lies in what we buy into.

What we’re fed.

The other part
Lies within ourselves.

Formulas are easy.

They make it unnecessary
To carefully think
And plan out
Our own, personal approach.

It’s easier to buy into things…
To continue to do things…

Even if they never
Give us what we want.

Most of the time
We chalk it up to “life.”

This is just –
“The way things are.”

Failing to examine
If something we are doing
Or potentially believing
Could be at fault.

We like the comfort
Of a laid out approach.

Do this.
Do that.

And, your problem will be fixed.

You’ll get what you want.

Life doesn’t work that way.

Something we all innately know.

Following someone’s formula
Will never get us
What we truly want.

Because just as
Each of us is unique

So must be
Our approach.





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