Tomorrow I will:

– Sort through my mail
– Clean up my office
– Empty out my inbox

The list could (& does)
Go on & on.

Tomorrow I’ll do the things
I chose not to
Or could not
Do today.

Tomorrow I’ll start…

Tomorrow I’ll stop…

Putting things off.

And so it goes,
Day after day.

I’d love to live in a world
Where I could get everything
I want & need to done
Each & every day.

Instead, I’m forced to:
– Pick & Choose
– Delegate
– Delete
– Delay

A large percentage of what I put off
Is low priority.

But underneath that layer of to-do’s
Lies a small, important running list

Of things I need to do
(Or would really like to do)
That instead of starting & finishing,

I choose to resist.

Delaying these things
Is equivalent to putting off
Part of my life.

There’s a saying…

Don’t put off until tomorrow
What you can do today.

An important productivity rule.

Also, the only way
To instigate change.

If I keep living by the
Rule of tomorrow


I’m not living in today.

Potential change.
Possible change.
Desired change…

None matters.

All that matters
Is what happens now.

The choices I make today.

Tomorrow’s not here.
Tomorrow may never come.

The future becomes the present
In a seemingly flawless flow.

The easiest thing to do –

Decide to wait
Until another day.

Not realizing or acknowledging
That each day’s delay
Creates a price I must pay.

Inertia breeds inertia.

I settle in my life

Knowing deep down,
One day I’ll regret
All the lost time.

All the chosen delays.

And, one day
Likely unexpected,
I’ll be forced to reckon
With what has been lost
Along the way.





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