I had an epiphany last night.

One that if fully embraced
May change my life.

I was examining the recurring patterns in my life.

Thinking about how in those areas
I’ve failed

Because if I’d succeeded,
It (being the pattern)
Wouldn’t keep repeating over & over again.

I thought about all the things I’ve tried.

How so far
No matter what I do
In certain areas of my life
Nothing has worked –

All my effort & energy
Basically as valuable as dirt.

Then, I thought…

What haven’t I tried?

Which is when I realized
In each of these patterns

There is only one thing
I never tried –

To stop trying.

There are two facets to this
Which make it tricky.

Some effort is generally required
To achieve, change or do anything.

In those terms,
Most things require
That you do “try.”


You have the word play
Which I’m sure you’ve heard.

Don’t try.
Just do.

In almost all cases*,

(I can’t actually think of an exception,
But usually there is one.)

This holds true.

My thoughts landed on a third
Less common, less talked about facet
Which demands a degree of faith.

On where you let things naturally play out
Instead of forcing or pushing against the grain.

It occurred to me
That maybe the act of trying itself
Was what caused me to fail.

That if I released all effort,

Which also means releasing a need or desire
To coerce or force,

The results would change.

Sometimes we need to do
The opposite of what we’re doing
Or have done.

Sometimes we only need
To shift or tweak our approach,

Other times we need to do
The one thing we haven’t done before –

In my case…

Let it go.

See how things naturally pan out.

Follow the path’s natural flow.

Maybe it’s the answer for everything.
Maybe it’s not.

One thing’s for certain –

If you keep doing what you’re doing,
You’ll keep getting what you’ve got.

So, when all else fails
It’s at least worth considering

Instead of continuing to try,
Simply stop.

Then, allow time to see
If this approach works or not.





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