What goes up
Can quickly come down.

A lesson we learn
From the moment we try to stand.

Without argument
We accept it –

And integrate the lesson
Into our lives
Far & wide.

Gravity keeps us standing on the ground.
Gravity causes us to fall.

It’s a law –
Perhaps the only one we’re taught.

Another important one…

Choice and consequence.

Each action ripples out.
Each action has an effect.

It’s a blurry law
Because it’s sometimes impossible
To accurately determine the consequences
Since so many choices are being made.

What leads to what
Often remains unclear.

Just because it’s not clearly evident
Doesn’t mean an effect doesn’t exist.

Want a different result?

Follow a different path.

Make a different choice.

Our lives are similar to soap operas.
Numerous storylines interweave
To create a whole.

Sometimes storylines may appear independent.

Yet, given enough time,
We find out
They are not.

This is the primary reason
Television & movies appeal to me.

You get to see the story unwind.
To see how each story affects the storyline.

From a distance
It’s easier to see
Which choices are good
Which choices are bad.

No matter how realistic or far fetched
Every story revolves around
The characters’ choices & consequences.


For something so fundamental
To the nature of life

Why is it that we are so usually blind?

Why can we see the effects of others’ actions
But are too often unable to see our own?

It’s easy for us
To know what others should do.

It’s hard for us
To follow our own advice.

But if we want anything else,
Anything different,
Anything better or new

We must open our eyes.

And start acknowledging
How are choices are playing out
In the fabric of our lives

Because until we do
We are blind.

And neither action nor consequence
Will likely positively serve our lives.





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