Slowly (if not abruptly), people are getting back into their non-summer, “regular” routines.

Self control and a desire for change & improvement (along with accountability) come in waves.

It’s high in January.
Remains fairly high until May.
Falls off during summer.
Picks up again at the end of August.
Stays high until the beginning of the holiday season,

When it often goes completely away.

Willpower & motivation come & go.

High one minute.
Low to non-existent the next

Making it even easier for us to get off track.

Sometimes a break from our normal routine is both healthy & needed.

Other times it derails or long term efforts –
Especially in things like exercise & healthy eating
Where effects compound day after day.

In some things we’d do well to learn
It’s healthier & easier not to take extended breaks.

Not to allow exceptions
Or, temporarily throw out our rules

Since having to get back on track comes at a cost.

Like trying to lose those extra holiday pounds proves harder than just keeping them off.

The key…

To learn when we’re making an exception

And, when we’re making an excuse.

The first implies full responsibility & awareness for our decision.

The second suggests a form of denial & lack of transparency with ourselves.

If we want to have integrity, be accountable for ourselves or make progress on any front,

It starts with self honesty.

Not allowing ourselves to use excuses as a crutch.





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