We build our lives in layers

Taking pieces or chuncks of what has been

To create what is.


What is now
Is built on the back
Of what once was.

We fantasize about getting a fresh start.

Or, some form of positive life affecting change.

Yet, how can we change what will be
If we don’t change something now?

Our actions today create our tomorrow.

Yet, it’s often not what we’ve been doing in the present
That holds us back the most.

It’s what we’re continuing to do from the past

That’s making change illusive
Keeping us on a well worn path.

And, it’s not just our actions we have to evaluate
It’s what’s underneath.

If what’s underneath remains the same,
The possibility of self created positive change halts.

It may look like we’re moving
When in reality, we’re glued in place.

We must dig deep enough
In order to escape.





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