Certain points in our lives are more conducive to re-evaluation than others –
– When a crisis strikes
– Transitional periods of change
– Certain times of year…

In reality, re-evaluation serves us best when it becomes a daily practice.

Time flies.
Our brains become overwhelmed & bogged down with our responsibilities & to-dos,

Leaving us with barely enough energy and forethought to accomplish daily necessities

Nevertheless consider the bigger picture, purpose or desires for our lives.

Lately I’ve been going through a physically lethargic period (likely made worse by the extreme heat),

Freeing up my mind & time to entertain bigger ideas & questions.

You start one thing.
You head one direction.

You invest time & energy in the path (whether it’s good or bad.)

We’ve made all past decisions based on where we were –

Not where we are now.

So, how do you determine if you should continue on the same route?

If you need to start down a different path?

We each have tendencies.

We either give up too soon.
Or, we hold on for too long.

Both can create devastating effects that steer us wrong.

I believe that deep down always know the answer –
We always know what to do.

But the voice whispering wisdom can become masked, warped…
Twisting what we believe to be true.

We’re lucky & blessed when the answers are clear –
And, when we can accept and follow it’s wisdom through.

Because when the voice becomes murky
Or we tune it out…

None of the decisions made end up being right for you.





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