We consider our beliefs absolute,

While often thinking & judging the beliefs of others as wrong.

What is right?
What is wrong?

What is true?
What is false?

The answer is usually subjective,
Depending completely on our own beliefs.

Our beliefs are right.
Their beliefs are wrong.

What I believe is true.
What you believe (if contrary) is false.

If I believe the world is ending next month,

Maybe I seek a bomb shelter
Fill it with food & supplies,
Hoping to improve the chances that I survive.

Or, maybe instead…
I let everything go.

I stop exercising – or paying bills.
I start drinking more wine,
Eating more pasta, chocolate & French fries.

One way or another, the belief (like any belief) affects my actions.

Herein lies the usefulness and danger of beliefs.

We act on what we believe to be true.

Beliefs lead to actions that support the belief,
Creating a self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating prophecy.

If I believe I’ll fail at something,
It’s unlikely I’ll even try.

(If I do, the attempt will be weak.)

Which, in turn, makes failure inevitable.

If I believe I’ll succeed at something,
I put time & energy into it.
I focus on it.

With enough time, energy & focus,
I can guarantee some level of success.

Sometimes we need to pull ourselves together –
And do what we know we need to.

We’re resistant because of habits & patterns long engrained.

Other times, the root of the problem runs deeper,

Sprouting from some belief we have.

In this case, we do best acknowledging that
Belief is not truth.

Even though beliefs are usually unconsciously adopted,
We have the power to take a more deliberate approach.

And choose the belief that will help us the most.





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