I envy people who go forth in absolute clarity.

For me, clarity comes & goes.

There are two types:
1. Clarity of the mind
2. Clarity of the heart

The heart’s desires rarely waver.

The mind, on the other hand, changes what it wants all the time.

The mind speaks loudly making certain it is heard.

The heart speaks faintly, even though it’s fires run deep into your core.

I’ve often thought something was wrong with me.

Why can’t my direction be more clear?

Until I realized each moment, each action, each experience acts like a pivot point
Sending you in directions your mind could never predict.

So, I reluctantly let go of finding my direction –
Of following a set course.

Instead I let each moment guide me,
Embracing uncertainty and the possibility of losing control
As I follow life’s flow.

I don’t sit back and say,
“I’m a victim to life.”

I let life do with me what it will,
Knowing that whatever happens I can use it to move myself forward still.

I accept my desires.

Then, I let them go.

Knowing that clinging is the surest way to smother & kill a goal.

I take positive action with faith,

While accepting that I’ll never see the whole, big picture laid out clearly in front of me.

Which means I’ll never know all the possibilities life can bring.

I embrace this truth whenever I try to resist.

And, as I do…

The steps before me unfold as the clouds lift.





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