Something is always happening.

Every aspect of our lives…
Every thing in our lives,
Including ourselves,
Is in constant, never-ending flux.

From day to day, we may feel things are the same.

They aren’t.

Our actions (& inactions), which stem from our thoughts & beliefs, move us –

At first in directions we cannot see.

Invisible change must occur before physical change can radiate out.

So that by the time we see it in our lives, countless invisible shifts have occurred.

A classic example…

You exercise.
Day after day.

On a daily basis, you will see no real change.

You know something is happening.
You have faith.

You never know at what moment in time you’ll actually notice a tangible, physical change.

The same holds true for actions with negative consequences.

It’ll take time before you experience their true impact.

But you will.

The thing to remember, if you seek any form of change…

You are always heading in a direction.

Moving closer.
Or, further away.

You get to choose.

You decide which actions to take.

Deliberately progress.

Things slowly fall apart.

And the further they fall,
The harder it is to restart.





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