Every change we will ever experience represents a both a loss and a gain.*

*That’s not to imply that the gain is always going to be seen as desired, welcome or positive.

Probably the most popular related saying:
When one door closes, another one opens.

When one door opens, another door closes.

Both hold true for opportunity, relationships, phases in our lives and more.

Loss a part of life.

It’s also a component in every decision we make.
(Every decision involves choosing one thing over another.)

It’s a fundamental aspect of change.

To create something new, better and/or different, you have to be willing to let go of something from the past and/or present.

Our innate desire to continue in the direction of least resistance (usually referred to as the status quo) partnered with our deep seated drive to avoid loss creates a huge mental and emotional barrier to change.

Until we can conquer our desire to cling, we can change nothing.

It’s worth mentioning that people cling to different things and in different ways.

I know people who have immaculate homes, but who have cluttered minds & lives. And… People who easily discard things, but cling to habits or beliefs…

Appearances can deceive.
And, from a personal standpoint, delude.

We all struggle to let go of something.

The question…

We all fear some type of loss.

It’s this fear that holds us back from fully embracing both change and life.

Dealing with loss is a topic for another day.

For now, know…

In terms of change, letting go (& the subsequent loss) are part of change’s inherent cost.

You’re going to pay anyway.

You might as well pay to get what you want.





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