We are creatures of habit.

I am a creature of habit.

As is universally true, it is both my weakness – and my strength.

Today I was signed up for exercise class.

An hour beforehand I realized I didn’t want to go.
(Not in the way I never really want to go.)

Should I force myself?
Or, cancel class?

In the past, I always forced myself. No matter how I felt.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gradually shifted to a new approach.

One that leads to less exercising. But more listening to myself,

Which I consider far better for my body.

Accountability would suggest I do what I commit or plan to do. Period.

The danger in making cut & dry rules…

It verges on a commitment to schedule & routine that ignores our current personal needs.

Nothing is ever always good. And, always bad.

However acting as if it is simplifies things allowing us to create rules, which promote an internal ease.

Rules do not take into account where we are right now. Shifts from day to day. Or changes in plans or priorities.

Exercise is good for me.
That I know.
I don’t question it.

I do ask…

Is exercise the best use of my time right now?
Is exercise what my body needs most?

I know that habit of exercise is something I want & need to keep.

But, it doesn’t serve me to make it an absolute –
To do it no matter what.

This applies to everything.

Our main priority needs to be accountability to ourselves (since everything else stems off of that.)

But accountability requires finesse.

We need to know what we’re doing,
Why we are doing it

Have the self awareness to know (if in this moment) it is best.

If it’s not, we need to learn to chuck our rules (habits & routines) to do what is.




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