An apropos title considering I’ve had a (literally) technically frustrating day.

I don’t want to bore you. So, feel free to skip the italicized text.

One of my websites has been down. I, without the technical skill to even understand the problem, spent the day emailing back & forth with my web designer –

Who, after hours of work & numerous of calls to the hosting company (all of which will likely cost me hundreds of dollars), was finally told it was a “known server problem” they were trying to fix.

Frustration (along with it’s companion emotions: stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger…) have become companion emotions we carry with us daily.

While one moment of frustration can hold little to no lingering impact, moments added up lead to growing, unhealthy emotional impact.

Want to know one of my secret past times? I google definitions of words.

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

How many moments of our life describe just that?

Unfortunately… Like all negative emotions the feeling (when continually held) leads to a sense of disempowerment – at it’s extreme, a sense of victimhood. Neither of which solve or quiet the emotion –

Or, even lead to any action that would.

Things go wrong.
Just as things often do not go the way we’d like.

Part of us (our mind) accepts this.

Another part of us acts like children (internally & sometimes externally) screaming & putting up a fight.

As with any word, if we choose we can shift it’s internal meaning – giving it a more positive spin, which leads to decreased stress and a better overall outcome.

For me, when I feel frustration, I consider it a test.

Can I be patient?
Can I openly welcome what comes?
And, calmly deal with whatever is happening from a centered, present place?

Can I give up my desire for control?
Accept that in life things happen on their own?

Can I stay grounded in what’s truly important to me?
Not get lost in the frivolous?

Can I let everything else go, knowing & believing all with be okay?

Sometimes I ace the test.
Other times, I fail.

Thankfully, life gives me countless opportunities to try to succeed again.

Every emotion affects your outcome and your health. As a chemical cascade floods through your body, like drugs to your cells.

Let emotions overcome you or rule your mood (or day) and not only will you make yourself miserable –

Your body will pay.

It’s time to conquer your mind.
Reel your negative emotions in.
And, find a better, healthier, more positive way.




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