We exert much of our time & energy looking for something we believe we are missing, something we want, or feel we need.

Constantly we seek answers & solutions. Most of which we assume are out there somewhere.

In our search for ___, we blind ourselves by narrowing our focus which in turns cuts us off from possibilities & potentials that already exist or arrive.

In fiction, a character goes on a journey or quest seeking some internal or external prize.

The bulk of the story revolves around the struggles, obstacles & challenges the character faces during & on the quest.

Each step provides a turning point for what comes next.

What the character comes across, how they choose to respond to it and the actions they take are the story.

In real life, we either become:

1. Caught up in the mundane; Our busyness; Our habits & routines; Societal expectations & norms…

2. Hyper focused on the end result. Moving us out of the present. And, into a fictional (therefore inaccurate) mental construct of the future we desire.

In all epic stories, at some point the protagonist realizes the hardest parts of the journey happen within.

The power of the journey… In the process itself. And, what happens within shapes & tests their character & resolve as they are forced to conquer their demons within.

The only way to find their strength, power & answers…
To embrace each moment…

Knowing they can never really know or expect what’s to come.

This too is all we can do.

With grace, strength & perseverance trust our process.
Open our mind.
Open our eyes.

Because when we do, we never know what wonderful, unexpected surprises we will find.

When, where or how our answers will come to light.

The moral to this story:

If you’re seeking something (anything), stop looking ahead. Stop looking around.

Embrace this moment for all it has to offer.

Take deep look inside.

Miraculously, in time…
What you seek, you will find.


Found spelt out in beads




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