Movement is not synonymous with progress.

Movement can be forwards, backwards or sideways…

It can be leading you closer to what you want –
Or, further away.

The danger…

When you become so wrapped up in movement, action, busyness…
That your ability to decipher the direction you’re moving goes away.

Caught up in a whirlwind of to-do’s, desires, activities, problems, responsibilities…
Clarity & purpose fade.

In order to determine whether you are heading where you truly desire,
You have to counterintuitively stop.

Halt movement.
Be silent.
Be still.

Take a step back for however much time is necessary.

Remove yourself from your personal grind until your vision becomes clear.

During that time, things may pile up.
You may get or feel even more behind. Or…
As if you are wasting time.

Yet, without viewing each area of your life from a detached perspective, you risk:
– Running in circles
– Staying somewhere unhealthy
– Staying somewhere you don’t really, truly want to be
– Becoming unrecognizable to yourself

To see the forest,
You must first be able to reliably look through the trees.




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