I struggle with change.

I make it.
Always smaller & slower than I’d like.

My big goal…
My big dream…

To find ways to make powerful, positive big change more easily.

To edge ahead in the game, I’ll need tools that ensure I keep moving ahead.

In terms of transformational long-term change, the odds are stacked against us.

It’s similar to playing the lottery – or Russian roulette.

Most people get knocked out early. Fail. And/or eventually give up.

Even those that don’t aren’t guaranteed success.

How, then, do we stack the odds in our favor?
No matter how small?

What can we do to increase our chance of success?

First and foremost –
Take complete accountability for ourselves.

Stop making excuses, whether something is within our control or not.

Face head on all internal & external resistance that comes along.

Accept that as we try to move forward, it will at times feel like everything is conspiring to hold us back & keep us in place.

Look fear & dread in the eye. And, move on even while we shake.

If we allow ourselves to succumb,

The change we seek is as good as dead.

Knowing this…

Forward I must go.
Without a firm grasp on my direction –
Or a fully laid out plan.

I begin with only one motto…

I am 100% responsible for myself.




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