If something doesn’t feel right…

It’s usually not.

A quiet voice always whispers within when our heart’s are elsewhere, we’re off our path, our journey has ended, it’s time for another to begin, circumstances changed…

Most often… We try to quiet this voice… This message with an endless stream of justifications, excuses & rationalizations in our head.

Given enough time, thought & will, we convince ourselves this feeling is wrong.

Or, ask ourselves…

How much harm could it do?
If I stay somewhere I feel I don’t really belong?

The answer…

In the long run, it could do grave harm. Maybe not physically. But mentally, emotionally & spiritually denying our true self always takes a toll. The ultimate damage that ensues could then take a lifetime to unravel & unfold.

If you’re not where you’re supposed to be, you know.

Your emotions & feelings speak what your mind refuses to hear.

There are, however, two situations (each intrinsically linked) where “feelings” can’t be trusted – And, might be a lie.

1. When you are going outside your comfort zone. Breaking long standing habits or patterns. Trying to incorporate new beliefs. Doing or trying something new.

In each of these cases, your brain will send warning signs trying to stop you.

2. Any time fear (of anything) comes into play. It twists & corrodes everything it touches. If thoughts of any form of fear (loss, change, making a bad decision, being alone…) circle in your mind, whatever disconnect or misdirection you might feel could easily be your brain trying to bind you in place. (It’s survival mechanism to keep you safe.)

Most often, we know our truth.
We just don’t want to listen or hear.
Because doing so will cause (at least temporary) pain, upheaval, uncertainty…
Creating even more fear.

So, my advice…
Determine what’s going on within.

Step out in faith.

Be willing (no matter how scary it is) to turn away from the wrong path knowing…

That the right one, stone by stone…
Before you will be laid.





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