My website has been experiencing some problems.
(I apologize.)

I did not cause them.
The issues were not due to my personal actions.

Nor was I capable of fixing them myself.

I am, however, responsible.

My website = my responsibility

People tend to shirk taking responsibility under the false assumption that doing so is equivalent to screaming…

“It’s all my fault!”

Perhaps more than the words themselves…

Fault implies blame.
Blame produces shame.
And, both…

Tend to lead to victimizing or victimhood.

Someone did this (usually to me.)

It’s not my fault.
____ did ____.

Victimhood creates a state of disempowerment,
Which cycles back to the feeling of more victimization.

Just because we did not cause something –
Or, even have a role in it

Does not mean we have no role in finding a fix or solution.

Regardless of what happens…

We are responsible for:
– The life we create
– The beliefs we choose
– The thoughts we think
– Our actions & reactions

Fault (& laying blame) distances us from that.

Things will always happen to us that are outside our control.

We are accountable for ourselves.

We are responsible for what we do with what happens,
How we allow it to affect us
And for the ultimate outcome.

So, next time you’re tempted to lay blame (on anyone or anything),


Whose at fault doesn’t matter.

What you do from this moment on is in your hands.

Accept responsibility
And you’ll find given time…

Things will positively turn around.




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