Interesting research finds people would prefer to make less money overall (ex. $70,000) but make more money than the people around them (ex. $50,000)

Than bring home an overall larger paycheck (ex. $100,000) but make less money than the people around them (ex. $300,000.)

But a consistent human preference.

The thing is…

To get better
To do better
To be better

Requires being around & learning from people who are already more skilled (knowledgeable, successful…) than we are.

People who want to lose weight often join weight loss groups for support.

Great. But…

Research shows one of the biggest predictors of your weight (income, happiness, habits…) are the people you choose to spend time with.


If you want something,
Choose to be around people who have achieved the thing you want –

Even though it will likely go against your nature.

We like being around people we feel equal (or superior) to,
People we feel we can relate to,
Who are in similar circumstances,
Doing similar things.

We like staying in our comfort zone.

Even though everything we want (but don’t have) lies outside of it.

Unless or until this internal struggle to move beyond what is your “known” is ended,
you will remain where you are –

Lacking what you desire.


All require discomfort.

Discomfort causes pain.

Pain leads to growth.

Growth leads to change.




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